1. Insert the contact carrier (3) into the push button housing (2)
2. Screw the contact carrier on, with two small allan key screws (12)
3. Screw the silver pin (7) on the isolator (8) and than on the push button (9)
4. Insert the push button (9) inside the push button housing (2) and hold it (repulsion magnets)
5. Screw on the push button (9) with two large allan key screws (11)
6. Insert the battery inside the battery holder (4), watch out to put (-) pole downwards
7. Screw the battery holder (4) onto the push button housing (2) and tighten it lightly
8. Slide the outer casing (5) onto the battery holder (4)
9. Slide on the bottom ID ring (6) onto the battery holder (4) below the outer casing (5)
10. Screw the bottom cap (10) onto the battery holder (4)
11.Put the top cap (1) on and hold it while attaching the CroAtty (repulsion magnets)


- Failure to follow these safety instructions could result in injury or damage
- Users of this product use it on their own risk
- Our product are for adult use only
- The use of liquids and batteries are at your own risk
- Allergy precaution: Some parts of cromod are made of real copper, silver and gold so please be careful if you are allergic on these materials
- Danger of suffocation and choking hazards
- Keep the cromod away from children
- Cromod contains small parts that can be swallowed


Do not use coils under
- 0,2Ω on 18650
- 0,4Ω on 18500
- 0,6Ω on 18350


We suggest usage of Sony Konion VTC4 or Tensai


- Do not bend, crush, drop, deform, puncture, shred, microwave, incinerate, paint or insert foreign objects into the Cromod
- Don't use big force
- Only use original cromod spare parts
- Use caution when handling Cromod, the heater area is hot when device is activated
- Damascus steel requires special maintenance and it should be lubricated with vegetable oil and then cleaned to avoid corrosion